Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Selling Stuff

This month when I did my budget I didn't account for some expenses, such as my car insurance (duh) and applying for a new credential and renewing my current teaching credential. I leave myself a cushion, so I was able to cover most of it, but knowing I could come up a little short (meaning I would have to use my credit card) motivated me to list a few more items on Amazon and Ebay, which also helps me with my goal of living simply (less crap in my house). So far I've sold two of my Clinique Gifts with Purchase (my friend hooked me up with an extra one, so I still got to keep one) and a book that I had bought for my classroom and never really used.

Today, I was logging in to my Paypal account to request the funds into my checking account and I apparently have two paypal accounts, because I logged into the wrong one and it had $8.50 in it. I have no idea when that's from or where the $8.50 came from. It was too old of a transaction to see the details, but it was definitely nice to stumble across some extra money. I had it transferred into my savings (since you can't have more than one paypal account linked to the same bank account), which is actually kind of nice. Obviously $8.50 isn't a miraculous amount to save, but it does seem smart to link my Paypal to my savings so that extra money I earn goes straight there.

Anyway, after shipping charges I earned an extra $31.64 this month by selling my stuff (and finding Paypal money). I still have one more listing on Ebay that hasn't sold, so we'll see if it sells. My goal for the year was to earn an extra $100 selling items online. So far I've earned a total of $95.33, so I expect to easily surpass that goal.

Do you sell items on online? What do you do with that extra income?

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