Sunday, March 21, 2010

No Impact Man

I just watched the documentary No Impact Man. Basically, a guy decides to see how little of an environmental impact he can make on the environment for one year and drags his family along for the ride. It's intense, but also really interesting. It definitely challenged me to ride my bike when I need things in the neighborhood. Also, the personal finance part of my brain was thinking about how much money they saved-no gas, no train fare, no meat, no restaurants, and for six months no electricity. They never touched on that, but it definitely crossed my mind. I think the common thread is living simply. Living Simply means less stuff and less waste. Which means saving money and helping the environment. 

I also realized that I am drawn to books and blogs and projects where people decide to do something drastic for a year in order to study the effects. I liked The Year of Yes (she said yes to every guy who approached or asked her out), The Know-It-All (AJ Jacobs reads the entire Encyclopedia Britannica), The Year of Living Biblically (AJ Jacobs again, tries to follow the Bible to the letter for a year). And No Impact Man was pretty great too. I am doing that in a small way with my no clothes shopping for a year. This movie got me thinking of what other "projects" I can take on in the years to come. No answers yet, but definitely an interesting idea.

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