Friday, April 27, 2012

IT'S HERE!!!!!!!!!

My last loan cancellation just posted this morning. YES! So, I now have $2,297.39 left to pay on my student loans. That is my last debt, and after that I owe nothing! I almost can't believe I am this close to being debt-free!!!!

Of course, knowing that I have that money in my Emergency fund, I'm tempted to just pay it off...but that would leave me with almost no fluid E-fund cash (the house fund is not as easy to get to). As much as I'd like to see it disappear, it's going to have to be in smallish chunks over the next few months.

Anyway, check out my sidebar and observe that my student loans are now 89% paid off! Have a great weekend everyone, I know I will!


  1. Congrats!! That must be such a wonderful feeling...even though it will take a couple of months you are so close to being done!!

  2. Do you think you can do it by the 4th of July?? If you can, lets meet up in Vegas for a few days!!

  3. Hurray! So close to meeting that goal. I'm excited for you.

  4. Woooo! That will be done soon enough!! Amazing :) It will feel SO good to be completely debt free. Where will all your "debt money" go afterward?