Sunday, April 15, 2012

Europe Pictures: Part 1

Yes, I've been back for a week. I just haven't been on the blogging bandwagon...but here I am, with some pictures from my trip. Today I'll post pictures from Holland, tomorrow will be Bruges, and Tuesday, the financial side of the trip. :)

I took over two hundred pictures of my trip, posted over 100 to Facebook...but I really tried to narrow it down here. So if you think this is a lot, HA!

Amsterdam was a lot of fun and I enjoyed a lot of the activities we did there. It's not my favorite city that I've visited (too dirty and crowded), but I'm definitely glad I went! Without further ado...

We met Richard Simmons during our layover in Newark!

The Anne Frank House. GO THERE. It's amazing.

This is the kind of breakfast we got each morning, in our room. YUM.

Canal View.

Darth Vadar and the Royal Palace.

You know I was all about this touristy picture. A giant wooden shoe!

French Fry Stands are big in Amsterdam.

So are bikes. And they have the right of way. Watch out, pedestrians!

Stopping to smell the flowers at Keukenhof Gardens.

Tulips, windmills, and wooden shoes: Check!

Stop being so pretty, tulips!

It's not a trip to Europe unless you go to a beautiful, old church.

Inside The Hiding Place in Corrie Ten Boom's House

Train station in Haarlem. It was COLD.


  1. Where was the shoe?? I would have loved a picture in a giant shoe :(

    My only regret about Amsterdam is that I didn't take a cheese/tulip/countryside tour. Your pictures make it look even more awesome than I thought it would be -- I love tulips

  2. Beautiful pictures! Those tulips are gorgeous and I love your touristy shots too. French fry stands? Sounds like my kind of place!

  3. Love Richard Simmons!! lol! Was he wearing silk shorts?! He seems SO SWEET!!

    Love all the photos, it looks like you had a wonderful time!! :)