Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Data Analysis...Good for a Laugh.

So, I found a list of things people have searched, which have led them to my blog...it's pretty funny (feeling gassy?!?!), and reveals that I should do more recipe posts (so look forward to those).

Keyword Results:
Homeowner by 30
I'm alive and going pretty well blog
avocado spring rolls recipe
cilantro chicken pasta
envelope system blog
feeling gassy
track net worth
vegetarian spring rolls with avocado recipe
cheap hipster panties

I just remembered that one of my posts about saving money on gas is cleverly titled, "feeling gassy." That makes more sense now. I thought I had overshared again.

Anyone else look up their keyword searches?


  1. lol chep hipster panties is my favourite!

  2. Awesome!! lol! I'm not sure if I can look up my searches... But you gotta wonder!! ;)