Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spring Break

Yes, indeed I did make it to Spring Break! This also means I finished and mailed National Boards. My yearbook deadline is the week I get back, so I need to do some work on that this week. Honestly, I am most looking forward to sleeping in, but I have some other fun planned as well. And some errands. And some money-making opportunities. Here's a list:

The Tasks:
-Go to DMV to pay address change ticket and inquire about registration
-Shop for BF's birthday present
-Drop off at Goodwill
-Finish organizing files (done! Did this today, finally!)
-Plan/shop for/cook Easter meal
-Go to the gym at least twice
-Work on yearbook pages
-Create resume and email to principal at new school

The Fun:
-Use stand-up paddle surfing Groupon (Free! I used a coupon to buy it, so this one really is a freebie.)
-Dodger day game on Thursday with group of friends. It's half-off food and drinks, so I might actually get a beer at the game for once.
-Lunch and beach walk with Becca
-Bike ride
-Lunch with old roomie

The Money-Makers:
-Take in recycling
-Post office to mail sold items on Ebay and Amazon

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