Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Leaping Back into the 20th Century!

In looking for ways to save more money and bring down my bills, I made a call to T-mobile asking about taking internet off of my phone. I have it now, but I rarely use it. Most often it's when I'm bored, to check Facebook. That's certainly not a necessity and with a possible layoff and higher rent than I've had before, I'm looking at ways to cut costs wherever I can.

I save ten bucks a month by taking this option off of my phone. The catch is that if I want it back, it's now a more expensive option so I'll pay more for it if that time comes. Honestly, I don't love how it works on this phone, so if I get a new phone they would have charged more anyway.

I feel good about this little tweak to my budget. Yes, it's only ten bucks a month...but every little bit makes a difference, and I'll throw a book in my purse for those bored moments.

Have you done any "downgrades" to save money? Were they worth it?


  1. I made several downgrades early last year, but I made the mistake of not directly allocating the month to my debt. It sucks that I missed out on the debt payments, but I definately learned my lesson.

    When I got everything situation...all the downgrades added up to $385.52 and $236.25 on the 1st and 15th respectfully. You are right the little things add up.

    My little things include, changing my tax witholdings, cheaper apartment, lower gym payment, not paying sorority dues, decrease in health insurance, social security tax relief, cable and renter's insurance.

  2. Good for you! It's a start :) We got rid of cable and internet at home. We bought an antenna instead and live off of the 8ish (depending on the wind and weather!) channels we get. It saves us about $120 per month and it's so worth it. We can get online at work or the library. No reason to have it at home too right now when things are tight.