Sunday, April 10, 2011

Free Trip to the Mall

On Thursday I had the best kind of mall day-I didn't spend any money and I left with some goods!

First, I went to pick up my Clinique gift with purchase. I did actually pay for this, but it was done ahead of time so it was part of last month's budget. Which made it feel free. :)
I love free makup!
Next, I went to Victoria's Secret and used my coupon for a free pair of lacy hipster underwear. (Does anyone else despise the word panties?). I chose solid purple.

Then, I went to Bath & Body Works for their freebie for April. This month I got a free foot lotion. The promotion card I have ends in May, but it's been awesome to get stuff every month! I put this in my stocking stuffer collection. I'm also thinking about grouping all of my Bath & Body Works freebies into a lot and sell them on Ebay after I get next months freebie.
Last, I went to Sephora inside JC Penney and used my coupon to get a free sample of bare minerals. I put this in my stocking stuffer stash, since I don't use this brand anymore.

Yes, all in all a very successful trip to the mall. It was fun to "shop" with a friend after work. I got my shopping fix without doing any actual damage to my budget. Score!

1 comment:

  1. I need to go get my free undies!

    (i do use the word "panties" but since I know you don't like it, I switched to "undies"--see? I'm so considerate!)