Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cheap Date Night: Griffith Observatory

View...looked cooler in person.
The other night BF and I were bored with our usual hangout spots and decided to venture into LA for an event. Our initial plan didn't pan out as we had hoped, but we not only salvaged the night, we ended up with a fun and frugal date night!

First, we stopped by Taco Bell, because only the most gourmet delicacies can please our palates. Then, we drove up to Griffith Observatory, which is completely free, parking included. We missed sunset, but sat on the patio and ate our food, enjoying the views of the city.

Then, we walked around looking at the exhibits in the Observatory. We saw how much we would weigh on different planets, looked at a piece of moon rock, and learned other sciencey things. Also, I posed with this statue of Einstein.

Einstein and I are both pretty gangsta'

We had a great night together, did something different, and only spent money on a fast food meal. It satisified our craving for something different, a date night, and for Taco Bell. Man, that burrito hit the spot.

Do you have any fun, cheap date ideas to share?


  1. hah! I love the griffith observatory.

    we've done some cheap stuff in the past, such as driving up to LA for some rreally good sandwiches and just driving back down PCH and stopping at the beach. Beach days with picnics are my FAVORITE cheap dates.

  2. I love your bf's Domo shirt! Where did he get it?

    The observatory makes for a great date night- glad it ended up working out for you 2.

  3. What an awesome view! My hubby and I will drive around and look at stuff, lately water. Nothing very date-like but still spending time together outside of the house.

  4. Catching up on your blog =)
    Still LOVE what you're doing on here!
    OK - cheap, free dates...BEACH. Also, I am obsessed with Yogurtland...$2, get whatever toppings you want, and you feel like you went out =) And the dollar theater in La Mirada kind of rocks my face off.