Sunday, January 9, 2011

Moving To Do List: Week 1

I made myself a scheduled To-Do List for my move this week. I have a ton to do, but if I can break it into smaller pieces it will be much more manageable. So without further ado...

Monday: Go to Goodwill (and get a receipt!), ask for more boxes at grocery store, pack more dishes/kitchen stuff
Tuesday: Go through kitchen with roommate to figure out whose is whose. Make taco soup in crock pot so I'll have food for this week. Pack up hall closet completely
Wednesday: Night off, long day at work. Dinner with Lindsay (talk to her about borrowing truck)
Thursday: Hopefully get keys and move one carload of boxes to new place. Empty luggage and reusable shopping bags with books in them. Refill with the rest of books and some clothes when I get home.
Friday: take another car load of boxes. Load car for trip one with sister on Saturday AM
Saturday: Move DVDs, coffee table, small table, hopefully bookshelves, storage cube, nightstand
Sunday: Load of clothes, wall decorations, Wii, DVD player, lamps


  1. To do lists break down the to do the way saliva breaks down starches into sugars

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