Saturday, September 18, 2010

Easy Money

Do you have those tasks that are not actually difficult, but for some reason you have the hardest time getting around to? For me making doctors appointments, hanging up my laundry, and taking out the trash all go on this list.

Here's another item in that category-because I work in a low-income school, I am entitled to loan repayment by the government both through the APLE program in California (which makes the process a big pain) and the federal government. The federal program is for a small loan I took when I was student teaching of about $2500. That amount isn't even reflected in my sidebars, because I sort of forget about it. Anyway, I thought the program was only for the first four years, so when I got a letter saying my outstanding loan balance was just over $500, I planned to just pay it off in August and be done with it. But, along with the letter, they sent me the form for loan cancellation. I called them, and the very helpful woman told me that I was eligible for one more year, and that once I mailed in the completed form, they would cancel the remaining balance on that loan.

AWESOME. Right? Super easy. Fill out a form, have one of my administrators at work sign it, mail it in, and presto! Loan gone, $500 saved!

I finally did the form on Tuesday.

I am looking at the form, still not in an envelope, addressed, or stamped as I type this. I'm mailing it today though. I promise.

I had the blank form printed out for about two weeks. Finally at work the other day I thought, "Jess, if someone were to say to you, 'hey I'll give you $500 for about fifteen minutes of effort' you would do it right? Then DO IT."

So I finally did. Do you have things like this? That feel way more difficult than they actually are?

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