Friday, April 9, 2010

Final Car Update

I got to go pick up my car today. The final costs were $256.56. I paid $199 for my brakes and a $50 deductible on my extended warranty (for the computer system, which would have been over $700 including labor). They also filled my tires, gave me an oil change ($35 value), washed my car ($10 value), and gave me a rental car for two days for FREE. I asked if that was a normal Toyota thing, but I guess it's just that dealer. He also told me that if you bought the car there you get complimentary oil changes and car washes for  as long as you own the vehicle. Too bad I lived in Fullerton when I bought my car. 

Anyway, I am actually really happy with how this all turned out. I left a $300 cushion in my April budget that I planned to transfer into savings if I didn't spend, so I am actually okay in that regard. I'd definitely like to cut back in some other areas so I can at least save a little more this month (we voted on furlough days today...we'll see what happens).

Now I plan to watch some 30 Rock on Netflix and put a dent in my Hulu queue tonight. It's been a long week, and the thought of staying home and doing nothing sounds lovely (and cheap).

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  1. I feel your pain. I just had to drop ~200 bones on my brakes and rotors. :( Two steps forward, one step back.