Thursday, April 8, 2010

Car Update-Good News!

Well, it's a good thing I decided to go to the dealer-the problem is with the computer system that controls the dashboard lights. It's a $500 issue, but luckily it's covered under the warranty! I wasn't sure if it was still good, so I decided to check the dealer first. They are also replacing my breaks, which I'm paying $200 for. I know I could get this a little cheaper, but they threw in a free oil change and they gave me a loaner car for the two days my car is in the shop, so I think those perks even out the price difference.

The loaner is a minivan. I feel like I should go pick up some neighborhood kids and drive them to soccer practice.

While I was there, they told me some other things I need to start thinking about-changing air filters, flushing the fuel system-but they said those could wait. He also said since the leak in my tires is slow, I can keep an eye on them and hold off on that for a while. Essentially, I need to put aside some money for car maintenence in the coming months, but as for this week, I'm pretty happy with the results of taking my car in to the Toyota dealer.


  1. LOL as a former minivan soccer/hockey mom, those vehicles come in handy :-)

    Putting money aside is a very smart idea.