Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Trying to Bike More

Today I met up with some co-workers at our usual happy hour spot for vacation-Taco Surf in Sunset Beach. We go there for the $1 tacos, $2 beers, and $3 margaritas...and because their happy hour starts at 2:00, one of the earliest around.

I decided to bike there for two reasons. One, I haven't had a no drive day in quite a while, and I wanted to get in another one for the month of March. Two, I also want to get back into the habit of exercising and being fit. Over the summer I did really well with that, but I definitely fell off the wagon this school year.

Which meant that the ride was rough. It's around 11 miles round trip, which isn't terrible, but I forgot about all the hills and the fact that I am out of shape. Whew, I am beat!

On the positive side, I got to use the bike lane on 2nd Street, which is one of the things I love about living here. Even though there are only two lanes on 2nd Street and no room for a bike path, the city made the right lane a bike priority lane. Meaning the drivers can suck it, I get to use the lane (see picture-though the cones are gone and cars share the lane now). I like this because it makes biking a priority and encourages people to be fit, go green, and save gas money.

So, even though I was sweaty when I got there and tired, and a creepy guy pulled up next to me and said, "I like that" and then ran his tongue across his lip suggestively (seriously?!?!) I'm still glad I did it.


  1. Last paragraph is hilarious! Props to you for biking even with the creeper issue. :)

  2. Ewwww creepers like that are gross. But good job with the biking! I just bought a new bike last spring and hope to get it out soon! The weather is getting nice enough now!!