Sunday, March 14, 2010

Temptations Resisted on a Saturday

Temptation: Go to coffee shop around the corner and get a breakfast sandwich and a cup of coffee.
Solution: Use last English muffin, last piece of cheese and an egg to make my own. Make a cup of tea with honey, which is better for my sore throat anyway. This one wasn't hard, I'm just lazy.

Temptation: Spend money by renting a movie, since I am home sick all weekend.
Solution: Watch Hulu queue, read Real Simple and my book.

Temptation: Want to go buy lavender nail polish, which Real Simple says is in for Spring.
Solution: Go through my colors and paint my nails pink instead.

Temptation: Really want to go clothes shopping after I played with Old Navy's turn yourself into a mannequin game. (See picture.) (I was bored and home sick, okay?)
Solution: Do a load of laundry, which reminds me that I have a lot of clothing and gives me more options when I look in my closet (granted, this one was WAY less fun than shopping, but it worked).

1 comment:

  1. damn, you are shedding light on the little money pits i befriended today. bleh.