Monday, March 1, 2010

Sometimes it's good to spend money...

Earlier this school year, one of my fellow teachers lost her battle with breast cancer. Ms. Magsombol worked with middle school students both here in Carson and in the Philippines. In her memory, my school is participating in the Revlon Run/Walk on Saturday, May 8th. Our team is made up of teachers, members of Ms. Magsombol's family, students, and parents. I am excited to see my school community really come together to fight against women's cancers.
I am participating not only as a woman who cares about breast cancer, but as someone who lost a friend to breast cancer, and as a role-model to my students. I want them to see that it's important to do something about the causes that are important to you. I want them to participate in a race not only to promote their physical fitness, but to support the health of others and to learn to be people who are compassionate with their time and money.

I know this blog is about saving money, but I believe one of the (many) reasons to save money is so that you can do something worthwhile with it. So, if you would like to donate, here is my fundrasing link: 

Or, if you live in the LA area join me! You can register at

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