Monday, August 19, 2013

Getting Tricky With Food

One thing that drives me crazy about my husband is that he is not a big leftovers eater. He will usually eat pasta-based leftovers (spaghetti, lasagna, etc.), but most other things are up to me to eat. Which means that sometimes we waste food because I can't eat the same thing for a solid week.

So, one idea I'm trying is to reconstitute our leftovers into "new" meals. I found one idea online that I plan to try, and I'm hoping you will share your other ideas with me!

Meal 1: Beef stew (using stew beef I have sitting in freezer from a couple of months ago...really trying to use what's in my freezer these days!). Probably served with a side of bread.

Meal 2: Drain the stew and make a thicker gravy out of the liquid. Put stew and gravy in ramekins and cover with Pillsbury store brand croissants. Pop into the oven and make a beef pot pie. (Thanks to Pinterest for the inspiration).

I would also eat the leftover stew the next day at work.

No, this isn't a drastically different meal. But I am hoping it's different enough to get my husband to eat it more than once during the week. (Maybe I'll skip a day in between?)

I'd love to hear how you repurpose meals to make your leftovers more interesting!


  1. Soup is a go-to for this stuff for me. For instance, I had leftover taco meat this last weekend so I made taco soup. With leftover brats, I will also make soup depending on what I have in my pantry/fridge. For leftover roast or chicken, I often turn those into pulled sandwiches by just shredding the meat and adding BBQ sauce. Its generally the meat that I repurpose into another meal but I do save leftover veggies to go into soup.

  2. Bake three or 8 boneless chicken breast bought on sale, of course. You can freeze part of the cooked chicken if you don't want chicken for a week. First day, eat baked chicken and vegetables; second day, make a casserole; third day, put in another dish. You can take the leftover for lunch. You are not repurposing the meal, but at least you have the meat cooked.

    Or, make regular recipe baked in two dishes and freeze one. This way, you still don't have to cook half the time. But, you won't have leftovers to try and not waste.