Friday, August 9, 2013

Thanks, Less Frugal Me!

I wrote a post about this a long, long time ago. Even though I am now committing to be more frugal again, I am pretty thankful to my more spendy self for some big purchases I made recently. Some are just things I love, and others will actually help me save money.

1. My Cricut. When I was making decorations for the wedding, I ended up buying a Cricut on Ebay. A Cricut is a machine that cuts paper into super cute shapes/designs. It's great for making cards, scrapbooking, and making various decorations. I was able to make my super cute table numbers, letters for signs, and other wedding goodies. I've also used it recently to make cards for my husband, make a sign for a friend's wedding, and I plan on making some decorations for a friend's baby shower in October. This is a super fun purchase, and it will definitely save me money! I put myself in charge of decorations, and my only cost will most likely be some pink and gray paper. Score!
Cost: $160 for machine and four cartridges

2. My Fitbit. I bought this fancy-pants pedometer back in January. It keeps track of steps, calories, and miles burned each day. Then, it syncs with my computer and shows all sorts of graphs and keeps track of my stats (I've walked almost 1,000 miles this year!). You can also add friends who also have Fitbit and compete against each other. It's super fun, and it's definitely gotten me moving more.
Cost: $60

3. Boot Camp. I started going to boot camp classes last August, and it revolutionized my body. This year I have lost weight but more importantly, I'm so much stronger, fitter, and more confident because of it. The classes aren't cheap, and in March I locked in my price by committing to one year. Which means this is a monthly bill I have, but I am glad I signed up for it. If I hadn't, I probably would have let this go when I cracked down on my budget. But it's worth the cost to me, so it stays!
Cost: $109/month

What purchases are you glad that you made when you were more spendy? Or, what purchases are worth the cost to you, even if others disagree?

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