Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sticking With the Plan

This week I have continued to live frugally, even when faced with some temptations.

Temptation: Go out to lunch Tuesday-Thursday because they were teacher work days and we never go out during the year.
Solution: I forgot that the principal buys us lunch the first day back, so Tuesday was a gimme. I compromised by bringing my lunch Tuesday (leftovers) and going out today to Panera.
Cost: $10 (but I found that ten bucks in my back pocket yesterday, so it didn't come out of my budget!)

Temptation: Book club met near several food places, Starbucks, and Coldstone. Of course I wanted to get dinner and a coffee. I had a Coldstone gift card, but was also trying to be a little bit healthy.
Solution: Ate leftover sloppy Joe for dinner before I left the house (you should make the Pioneer Woman's sloppy joes...they are AMAZING). Looked up Coldstone nutrition info and got a pineapple frozen yogurt with strawberries as a mix-in.
Cost: FREE, since I used a gift card.

Temptation: Make a fun new recipe from Pinterest that would require all sorts of shopping for ingredients.
Solution: Look through recipes I've already pinned and make meals based on what's already in my freezer. Tonight I had Sesame Chicken, rice, and edamame.
Cost: $1.50 for the edamame, I had everything else I needed.

What spendy temptations did you overcome this week?

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  1. The key to sticking to a budget is definitely having self-control. I've dealt with food cravings, wanting the latest gadgets and other things but prevented myself from giving in, knowing there are much more important things that my money needs to go to at the moment.