Monday, January 16, 2012

Thanks ING!

Over Thanksgiving I opened a Sharebuilder account in order to earn a $100 bonus once I did two trades. Today, the bonus showed up in my account, so I transferred it to my ING Savings, which for now is my Europe fund. I was also able to sell a book on Amazon, so I transferred another $9.20 into ING. That brings my Europe fund total up to $210. Slow and steady, baby.

I looked back and thanks to taking advantage of sign-up bonuses, I earned $135 in free money this year from ING. Score! That's enough for the roundtrip train ticket from Brussels to Amsterdam and back. Or a night in the cute B&B we found in Amsterdam. Thanks ING!

I know my days of bonus sign ups for myself are over, but hopefully I can get sign up bonuses from friends and get some more free money from ING as well. I'm definitely happy with their customer service when I've called, and you can't beat a bank that gives you free money!

Anyone else taken advantage of ING's bonuses? What did you use them for?


  1. Each of those bits will keep adding and growing. I do not have an ING account. Not quite ready for a bank that is not brick and mortar :-)

  2. Awesome! I just missed that bonus :( I keep wanting to transfer my payroll over for $100, but it would inconvenience me mega, so I can't. Boo!