Thursday, January 5, 2012

Selling My Stuff Online

In 2011 I made approximately $630 by selling books, DVD's and various items on Ebay. A chunk of that was because I scored ten boxes of free books via Freecycle, and then sorted through all of them and listed bunches on Amazon in February. I probably made at least $200 on that, if not more.

The other night I sold one of the last books from that venture, and right now I only have two other items listed. Honestly, I've gone through most of my books and such and listed most of the ones that are worth money that I am willing to part with. So, logically I probably won't make as much money selling items online this year.

But, I still plan on selling items when I can. In the past, that money has gone to debt repayment. My student loan requires that I make payments of at least two months worth in order for it to go towards principle, so no small payments can go there. My E-fund is on track to be funded by June, and it's in an account that requires direct deposit (not that I can't put it in my regular savings, but I kind of like it all in one place).

So, I've decided that any "snowflakes" I make from selling items online will go toward my ING Direct account. That is not getting funded right now (except with ING direct bonuses that I find ways to get) (If you'd like a referral code to sign up with them, you get a $25 bonus and I get $10...comment with your info if you want me to send you a referral). Since selling things is "found" money, I think I'll move it into that fund. Tomorrow I have a big announcement that will tell you why I'm looking to fund my ING Direct account...get excited people.

What do you do with unexpected money?


  1. Good job with the book sales.

    And I'm exciting for tomorrow's announcement!

    With unexpected money, I like to pay off debt also.

  2. With the stuff i sell on ebay and craigslist i keep a simple ledger of the proceeds and use the money to buy other items ( a lot of this is toys my twins quickly grow bored with ... it can be a viscous circle). I don't include the money in our regular budget but I've been debating about switching that for 2012. That way extra money can be put towards vacation and retirement accounts.

  3. Debt payments all the way. I want to get this debt off my back ASAP!

    Good job with the Freecycle books! I had never thought of doing something like that, though I did know one family who bought cheap furniture and things from Goodwill, fixed them up, and sold them at a profit.