Tuesday, August 16, 2011

You Should Listen to NPR

Well, going back to work for meetings and setting up my new classroom was quite the busy week. The meetings were mentally exhausting and the classroom set up was (at times) pretty physically tiring as well. Also, I am a genius and made plans every single night my first week back at work. I read all of your blogs, but then I just looked at mine and thought, "Eh. I'll do it tomorrow."

I'm doing okay finance-wise. Ate out more than I had planned my first week back, but also brought lunch and am getting used to that routine. Also, I got paid extra for these days, so I am super excited about my September paycheck.

There's lots to do at a brand new school, and I also found out the bummer news that I will not get to teach the yearbook class this year. I was feeling overwhelmed and a little sad about work. Then on my way to my hair appointment I was nerding it up and listening to Marketplace on NPR. The whole show was about unemployment.

Suddenly, I was overwhelmed in a different way. Thankful that I have a job and that my career is doing what I love. I know I will have long days and times where my job frustrates me. And that's allowed. But I was reminded today to be thankful for steady employment. And while teachers aren't rolling in dough, I make enough to support myself and to save for my future (and to have some fun too-I leave for Chicago tomorrow!)

So, I am going to write some scheduled posts for while I'm gone on vacation with Freddie, but for tonight I am reminding myself to be thankful.


  1. Couple things:
    1. LOVE NPR!!! My bf always complains that it's all we listen to in the car...I'm SUCH a nerd.
    2. I'm with you on the "thankful I have a job I love thing." My sister is in the finance industry and makes double what I do, but hates her job and is staring down a potential layoff. I'm really lucky.
    3. Not looking forward to setting up my new room next week :( It's so much work! Not sure if I mentioned this on my blog, but I moved last year, too. Cross you fingers that this is my last move for a while!

  2. I love this--good for you for having that realization; it's an amazing feeling, eh?