Tuesday, August 9, 2011

How to Frugalize Your Vacation-Part 3

Okay, this is less a how-to than me just telling you about the awesome perks my sister gets because she works for a resort company. So here's the how-to:
1. Get your mom to have a sister a couple of years younger than you.
2. Make sure said sister is a free spirit who likes to have adventures and likes pretty places.
3. Convince said sister to get seasonal work at various lodges as a front desk clerk/manager.
4. Go visit her.
Exhibit A: Sister
So, here are the perks we got:

1. Our hotel in Seward was discounted to $69/night. I don't know the total at this hotel, but the one my sister works at is over $400/night at this time of year. She said hers is nicer, but I think this was still a HUGE discount. This is the view from the door of our room:
 2. The same company offers boat tours to see wildlife and beauty and such. Because she's an employee she can choose any tour for $20 (and members of her immediate family get the same deal). Since they were all the same price, we went for the longest one-eight and a half hours. It came with lunch and an all you can eat buffet with salmon and prime rib. We also paid a little extra to have 1/2 pound of King Crab (for about 5 bucks each). It was AMAZING.





  1. Good idea! Now I just need my sister to work at a hotel... haha

  2. OMG that's nice! is that you on the pic?? I love seeing a face LOL