Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Back to Work: +/-

Yesterday I went back to work for my first day at my brand new school. Here are my victories and stumbles in plus/minus form:

+got up when my alarm went off without hitting snooze. This was a big plus for Freddie who worked late last night.
-tried to make a smoothie like I did every day last year, but the fruit was super frozen and apparently it's gross with regular milk (I used soy last year).
+stuck to just fruit from the snack table at work (passing up donuts, croissants, etc.)
-went out to lunch with my friend Jeanie. Spent almost ten bucks at Panera.
+I like Jeanie.
+Suggested that I make dinner when I saw my old roommate, instead of eating out which would have cost me another 10-15 bucks. I made pizza with ingredients that I had at home already.
+Saved leftover pizza for today's lunch.
+Roommate bought me Yogurtland since I made her dinner.
+I stuck to fat free yogurt and fruit for toppings.
+Went on a jog/walk when I got home, while listening to free podcasts to help pass the time.
+Noticed Upromise had posted $15.95 to my student loan. I've never had a payout from them and I've been a member since 2008, so that was cool.
-I have a sore throat
+Noticed the shower drain hair collector thing was super gross (that's not the plus) and was so grossed out I almost threw it away. But then my frugal side kicked in and I filled the sink with hot water and bleach and soaked it. It's as good as new!

Yesterday was full of pluses actually. And, since today was an optional paid training day I earned $150 (pre-taxes) for going to work today. I am going to try to bring my lunch the rest of the work days, not only for costs, but because I am doing weight watchers again, and it's easier to control my points if I bring food from home.

Did you have more pluses or minuses today?


  1. Breadco is so expensive but so tasty! I've had more pluses today, but then again all I have done today is work, so nothing too bad has happened yet :)

  2. A lot of pluses today! Visit from a friend, bit of rain for the garden, a bubble tea and a board game. And I even manage to squeeze a few chores in too!