Thursday, August 18, 2011

I'm Your Venus, I'm your Fire...

You know how I hate buying razor blades with the fire of a thousand suns? Because they're so freaking expensive? That will make this story even sweeter!

On Saturday BF and I went to good ol' Fresh and Easy to get our groceries for the week. We noticed that all of the personal care items were on sale for 75% off. I think they're not going to carry them anymore? I digress. He picked up some gel and deoderant, when what should my eyes befall on but the most beautiful sight I've seen in weeks (sorry Alaska).

Four packs of Venus razor refills.

Cue Hallelujah chorus.

I snatched up the last two. They were originally $13.99, so the cost was $3.50 for each box. YES!!!

And actually it was BF's turn to buy groceries, so he bought them for me. So I am celebrating his good deal. But whatever, cheap razors!!

It made my day and actually made me think of Erica at Newlyweds on a Budget. Especially after I read her sandwich story. :)


  1. Those things are expensive so i'd be thrilled too!

  2. So jealous! I just bought cartridges at Costco, but they were SO expensive. You know I love me a good deal too! :)

  3. Congrats on the razor find! I recently had coupons and was able to get razors for free! I made a blog post about it last week. It was awesome!

  4. I wish I had known! I never shop there, but would have made a special trip just for that. Great DEAL!