Sunday, August 15, 2010

Teacher Freebies at Staples

This morning I went to my local Staples for their Teacher Appreciation event. The first 100 people got goodies-a notebook with paper, a pencil pouch, and a few other things inside. I have to say the loot was not as good this year as in past years. But, they had donuts and juice, as well as coupons for a free smoothie from Robek's across the street. So after some shopping my friend Juliet and I sipped smoothies and chatted for an hour or so. Lovely.

As far as the shopping, I wasn't too impressed with the sales. I had hoped to find some deals on supplies to put in the English department goodie bags I make (I am fine with bribing the teachers into liking me with candy and pencils), but I think I can hit up Target or the Dollar Tree and find some things there. I did, however, buy a new set of Mr. Sketch markers.
Remember these from elementary school? Or Dane Cook's standup routine about them?

I have a set at work that I've used for charting over the last five years. They need replacing, and this set has more colors than my old one. Clearly I am a teacher, because I am rambling on about my new markers. But I love them. Actual cost=$7.67. Value=Priceless.


  1. I've found the Teacher Day at Staples to be a smaller and smaller promotion each year. The first few years I'd heard of it, some of the bigger cities had big gift bags, there was coffee and donuts, scratch % off etc.

    Free things are still great.

  2. I love those markers! Except the black one, I'm not a fan of licorice. I'm not a teacher but I've worked in plenty of school settings so yes, I too get excited about things like that. You know what's even more exciting (and not too friendly on a budget)? Lakeshore Learning Center! :)

  3. I love those markers!

    My workplace has them for training events and I'll spend most of the sessions smelling them instead of drawing "flow charts and diagrams".