Thursday, August 5, 2010

Operation Keep the Change

Over at If I Were a Wealthy Girl, Broke by Choice started her own "Keep the Change" program. Basically, she decided to put all the leftover cash from her envelope system into a jar at the end of each month. She used a plastic bottle, sealed the top, busted out the Sharpies and made her own container. She then threw out the challenge to the rest of us PF bloggers to do the same.

I rarely have leftover cash at the end of the month-I use it for eating out and shopping, so I tend to spend all of it. BUT, I decided to start pulling all of the change out from my wallet and keep it separate from my cash. Then, if something costs $9.76 I just record it as $10 and put the change in the fund. This makes the math on my tracking sheet easier and will hopefully help me save a little more money. Rather than a bottle I decided to class it up and use my giant martini glass.

Unfortunately, since I need quarters to do laundry, this will get raided. So even when it's full, it probably won't be that much money. But, I am thinking I can fill this up and then maybe find another bigger container and go from there? Maybe all my change for six months or something like that?

My other dilemma is that I don't actually know what I'll use this money for. Since it's leftover from eating out and shopping, it doesn't make much sense to put it toward either of those things. Maybe just for a rainy day? Any suggestions? What do you do with your change?


  1. the boyfriend & I have a piggy bank that we throw our change into. When it gets full & we empty it out, there's usually a few hundred bucks in there ($300-$400). Last year we used it to boost our travel budget when we went to NYC, this year we're putting it towards getting a couch!
    It adds up fast!

  2. Yeah! I am so glad you are joining me. My savings will be going to my debt. I am so ready to be done.