Saturday, August 21, 2010

Portland Spending Recap

I'm back from my trip to Portland, and I had an awesome week! Shelley and I had so much fun in the city. We ate A LOT. And it was all delicious. I'm going to do my spending recap first and then post some pictures tomorrow, along with some budget friendly suggestions for anyone traveling to the Portland area.

I budgeted $300 to spend while on my trip. I knew this was high, but I didn't want to risk going over, so I figured I'd allow some wiggle room. I ended up spending $190 throughout the week, which was awesome! I was actually able to use $70 from my trip money to pick up a black skirt from Express (on my to buy list), along with a sweater from Gap. There's no sales tax in Oregon and since it's up to 10% where I live, I saved about ten bucks by buying those items in OR. I'll use the remaining $40 for my trip next weekend to visit my sister in Utah. That trip was not planned when I did my original budgeting for this month, so I'm glad I have a little more money to put toward it.

Overall I feel good about my spending...I definitely let myself have fun and eat well. I spent more than I would have while eating out at home, but since I stayed at Shelley's, I also ate some breakfasts and snacks at her house. My only spending regret is the late night post-bar food I ordered...I honestly wasn't hungry, didn't really like what I picked, and wasted some money there. Oh well, I can blame my slightly impaired judgment on lack of sleep. Not any other bar-related reason. Right? Right. :)

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