Friday, August 6, 2010


I have a distinct feeling that I am going to enjoy this post more than most of you. It's stuff I bought and how much I saved. But I am enjoying the thrill of clothes shopping, so even if I am the only one who reads this one, I'm fine with it. :)

I did my shopping at Marshalls, Nordstrom Rack, and the Banana Republic Outlet. I could have gone crazy at the BR outlet...they were having a sale on top of the outlet discounts. And those clothes are so beautiful, I wish I could live there. I would seriously move in.

I set out with a list of items in mind to purchase, which I detailed in another post. I bought most of the items on that list, including new black sandals to replace my old ones...this was a necessity, as my old ones were worn down to the point of being uncomfortable. So, the outlet price for black leather flip-flops was originally $29.99, but I got them for $14.99.
Hello, lover.
I also got a white cardigan, which I won't bother posting a picture of. My black cardigan is from BR, and I love it, so I snatched up another item from my list. Outlet price: $44.99, I got it on sale for $31.49. I also bought these two items from BR:
Originally $39.99, I got it for $23.99
I can't wait to wear this one! Originally $54.99, I got it for $31.49

Another item on my list was a new white tank top. I wear mine under all sorts of items, and I knew it was getting dingy. I didn't realize just how dingy though, until I bought a duplicate one at Nordstrom Rack
I'll let you figure out which is the new, not disgusting one.

I also picked up a pinkish-purple tank top in the same style, since they were $12 each or two for $16. Last, I went to Marshall's and got a Steve Madden belt for $12.99 (I need a black belt for this dress I already own, so this too was on my list) and a heather gray cardigan that is super light and comfy and cute for $14.99.

After tax, I've spent a total of $161.82. I have a little more leftover for the month (I allotted more since I had extra summer school money and I am in celebration mode), which I will probably spend on nail polish. 

Here's where it gets back to personal finance, instead of a web fashion show (if anyone is still actually reading): It felt so good to know that I was shopping within my means, instead of just blindly spending and worrying about the consequences. I am out of credit card debt and I knew exactly how much money I had to spend on clothes this month. I feel like I got a good mix of necessities and fun items, but never even thinking about plunking down the credit card to pay for them may have been the best part. I have zero remorse about this spending, and it's such a difference from how I used to shop. I think my year off from shopping was really good in that way. It broke me of my bad habits (let's hope for good!) and made me think of it in a different way.

So hurray for paying down debt and hurray for new clothes! :)


  1. There is absolutely a rush when you shop...whether it was the old days when I just bought and charged...or now when I have save up.

  2. How exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. i <3 marshalls and Banana Republic...a BR outlet is like HEAVEN!!