Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Thanks, Old Me!

Can I just say that the Netflix for Wii has completely revolutionized my life? And made my foolish purchase of a Wii in 2009 seem not so ridiculous?

When my tax returns came back last year, I decided to buy a Wii. Like most of my purchases at that time, it was an impulse buy. I justified it by using my tax return and saying that I would work out on it using Wii Fit. And friends could use it when they came over.

Fast-forward one year. After the brief honeymoon stage, I used my Wii MAYBE once a month. If that. Whenever I looked at it I thought of how much credit card debt I was in and it just annoyed me that I wasted money on it.


Netflix came out with their Wii software about two weeks after I finally signed up for it (excellent timing). In case you are unfamiliar, you can hook your Wii up to the internet and then watch any of the movies on the instant list on your TV.

I have watched old seasons of 30 Rock, The Office, and The Riches. I have watched a bunch of documentaries. Julie & Julia. Philadelphia. It's been lovely. And has made me sure that I do not need cable (not that it was really an option right now anyway) and has made my $10/month on Netflix totally worth it. I haven't rented any movies from the video store in the last two months either, so I think I've come out ahead money-wise.

So now, I am glad I bought the Wii. It's one of the purchases from my non-frugal days that I am very pleased with. Along with my ipod Shuffle and my black Limited dress that I wear at least twice a month. I am usually cursing the me who made qeustionable financial choices that I am paying for now, but there are moments when I reap the benefits from that era.

What are some purchases that you don't regret? (even better if you saved for them first, unlike me. :P)


  1. Oh 30 Rock. =)

    I don't regret any trip I ever took. Or soft sheets. OMG, I look around my life and think the only other things I've ever bought are clothes. The rest are hand-me-downs or mommy-gifts. I'm such a penny-pincher!!! Slightly pathetic.

    I regret my video camera cuz it is not compatible with my mac. but if it were, i wouldn't, cuz i use it a good deal. lots of good footage... i regret my digital camera cuz the quality of the photos arent amazing and i want amazing photos... should have stepped up a notch.

  2. I am totally doing the Netflix thing with my Wii when I move into my own apartment! As for finances I am kind of sweating my own place, but it seems like the right move for me and a good way for me to practice faith in God's provision vs. faith in my bank account :)

  3. I LOVE watching Netflix on my Wii. So amazing! :)