Thursday, May 13, 2010

Nobody Walks in LA

If you are an astute reader, you may have noticed that I am behind on my goal to have 100 No Drive Days this year. I started strong but a couple of issues got in the way. First, one of my carpool buddies had a baby. Jeez, how inconsiderate of her. Just kidding. My other carpool buddy broke his hand and has had many doctor's appointments. He's also buying a house, so he's had some days where he can't carpool because he has meetings with his realtor right after school.

Anyway, Monday was my first No Drive Day in almost a month. :/ Not great. I need to try to rack up more of these. However, looking at the rest of my week, I don't think I will get one in agan until the last week of the month (it's my turn to drive for the carpool next week, and both weekends have activities I have to drive to).

I am still determined to reach my goal. I need to see who I can carpool to work with for summer school, or else it will be really difficult to reach 100 days. I could take the bus at some point, but I don't know how cost effective that would really be. Mostly because I have no idea how much the bus costs. Perhaps I should research that...

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