Monday, September 26, 2011

Swagbucks Slowdown

As I've mentioned many times here before, I am a big fan of Swagbucks. I've used it to get a couple hundred dollars in Amazon gift cards over the last two years. For a while I had three or four referrals, which definitely helped in accruing those Swagbucks.

Now, either those people have stopped Swagbuckin' or I've hit my referral limit with them. And now that it's just me, my gift card earnings have slowed WAY down. I have one five dollar gift card saved, and I'm close to earning another one, but it's taken over a month to earn it. Obviously, this is better than nothing, but I miss the days where the Swagbucks came rolling in.

So, this is a shameless plug to get you to sign up.

If you aren't yet using Swagbucks, it's super easy and worthwhile. I always go for Amazon gift cards, but they have tons of different gift cards on their site. Last year I bought a few Christmas presents for free, and I've also bought little luxuries that I don't want to take out of my regular budget (fancy shampoo and conditioner). It's easy to use, and if you sign up I can give you some more tips to earn.

For those who are already users, any tips to up my earnings? I do the daily polls, NOSO, and searches. I occasionally do surveys. Are any of the other earning strategies worthwhile?


  1. My Swagbucks have slowed down also. I think I have $45 in giftcards saved right now, and I plan on waiting until Christmas to use them.

  2. Mine has slowed down too! I only have one active referral and she isn't doing it much anymore these days.
    There is an invite and earn tab too, that gets you 1 SB a day. Also, I think the surveys are a little easier to qualify for these days (I got 50 the other day!) and you can do a bunch of "prequalification" for surveys that gets you 2 or 4 SB. Not much, but it's something!