Monday, September 26, 2011

From Ebay to an Epiphany.

Early on in my debt repayment journey, I was the Amazon/Ebay queen. I sold books, movies, memorabilia, gifts...anything that wasn't nailed down. One relatively successful thing to sell was cosmetic items. I bundled together a bunch of Bath & Body Works products I'd received as gifts or free samples and sold them on Ebay. I've also sold items from my Clinique gift with purchase (gwp) to earn some money. Once I didn't open the GWP, and sold it for a decent amount, earning back the money for my makeup purchase. I also use these items as stocking stuffers or group them together for a simple gift. I made a decent housewarming gift out of freebie candles and soaps from B&BW.

Right now I've got a sizable stash of cosmetics products. Some of the same stuff, some Sephora and Aveda samples, Clinique, Bath and Body Works. I also just pre-ordered the next GWP, which I will pick up next week.

Before, I definitely would have created an Ebay listing for this stuff, saving whatever I didn't sell as stocking stuffers. I could still do that and earn some money for my house downpayment fund. But I'm also tempted to keep the stuff. I have a Clinique eye makeup remover that would be a nice upgrade from my drugstore brand. The latest GWP comes with a new style of lipstick that I'd like to try. I could also give my mom the moisturizer sample I know she likes. The candle smells good and it would be nice to use it myself.

Obviously, there's nothing wrong with using these items. But if I am really shooting to save $30,000 for a house down payment, shouldn't I apply the same gazelle-like intensity to that as I did for debt repayment? I feel like since I am out of consumer debt, I am getting much more relaxed in my habits. To a degree, that's okay. But I feel like I need to light a fire here. If I can pay off over $20,000 of debt in two years, I should be able to save at least that much.

If you haven't noticed, I made a decision while typing this post. Game on. Gazelle-like saving, here I come. I am changing my attitude, and making positive things happen in my financial life. That drive shouldn't just be for paying for my past mistakes. It should be for creating the future that I want.

Game on.

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  1. I like the message of this post.

    Also, remember in high school you used to spray body spray and then leap through it like a gazelle? I feel like that is an appropriate anecdote to mention in reply to a post that mentions gazelles and beauty products.