Thursday, September 1, 2011

Speaking of Stimulating the Economy....

I am doing some back to school clothes shopping this weekend, in anticipation of the beginning of a new year on Tuesday. Some of these things are legitimate needs, others just wants. But, I worked a bunch of hours in August, so my check will be large and in charge. I've made a list of items I'll be on the lookout for.  Want to read the list? You're in luck!

*Snakeskin flats-I saw a girl wearing some in Chicago and I LOVED them. I want a pair of flats that are interesting but still neutral enough to go with most outfits.
*White shoes-either dressy sandals or flats. I have black and gray, but no white.
*Two or three dresses-I want to go for some professional dresses. Most of mine are sort of summery, which is fine for my job, but I'd like to step up my professional appearance at work.
*Two pairs of jeans-this is a need. My favorite pair is pretty thread bare and the other pair in my rotation aren't all that flattering. I'm looking for one dark wash that can be dressed up or down and another more casual pair for weekend wear.
*New black shirt-my go-to black shirt got a hole in it. :/
*Four or five new "work shirts." These can also be weekend appropriate, but I want to be able to dress mix and match a little more with my slacks and skirts.
*Red cardigan-we wear red every Tuesday for union support, and a cardigan is a good go to for this day.
*Work skirt-not too sure what it will look like, but I would like another skirt to add to the rotation.
*Necklace-I used to wear lots of necklaces, but not lately. I'd like a new one because I think accessories can help dress up a more casual outfit.
*Watch-this is low on the list, but I'd like a large-faced watch. I have a smaller one BF got me for Valentine's Day, but I like the look of the oversized ones.

That's my list. Pretty extensive, but I haven't shopped a ton lately (except once last month. Shh!) I need to see exactly how much my check is before I finalize my clothing budget, but I am thinking I'd like to spend around $400 for those items. I plan to hit up Marshalls, Ross, Nordstrom Rack, and possibly the outlets to keep it on the cheap. I also need some new makeup, but am hoping to hold out for Clinique gift with purchase in October for that. I'll post after the weekend and let you know how my shopping went!


  1. I love all the stores you listed. Also check out Loehmann's, they have some really nice stuff. For my fall shopping list, I'm looking for nice, comfortable, black pumps.

  2. Oooh...have fun shopping! This seems to be a great weekend for sales. Ann Taylor Loft is now running their 'under 35' sale plus they still have the 40% off all sale items going, so you might be able to do pretty well there.