Sunday, July 24, 2011

My New Savings Account

No, it's not a Roth IRA, but that is coming in September. It's not an ING account. It's this:

Isn't it lovely. BF brought it when he moved in. Now, it looks like just a jar. But, it has the funnest component. (Yes, I said funnest. It's summer, leave me alone.) When you put the change in the top, it shows you how much you have in the jar.
Why can't I remember how to rotate a picture?

Yes, I am a dork. But I think it's so cool! It wasn't set correctly when he moved in because BF had unscrewed the top and taken out change. But I reset it, put all the change back in, and told him that I wanted to fill it all up and then we can do "something cool" with it. (That cool thing is TBD.)

This is also a nice addition because after work BF comes home, empties his pockets, and I literally find change all over the house. EVERYWHERE. Which would annoy me, but now it's fun because I get to go put it in the jar and see the total rise. I contribute as well, but it's mostly his change. As you can see, we're already at over thirteen bucks after only a few weeks. It's fun to see the total as we go.

Do you have a change jar? What do you save it for?


  1. I do have a change jar but it's not as fancy as yours. Isn't it great that men just hate to have change in their pockets?! I also collect change from under the right front corner of the dryer. I love waiting until the jar is full and then rolling coins. I save for whatever I need when the jar is full.

  2. I actually just grabbed a 5 gallon water jug from my parents house this weekend and I want to fill it with change. I know it will take me a while but I'm so excited to do it. I don't have anything in mind to do with it, maybe just a rainy day fund!!! The 5 gallon jug is definately not as fancy as your container!!!

  3. I have always wanted one of those counter jars. They do look like a lot of fun.

  4. i have a folgers can that I put all of the hubby's change in. I'm not sure what we'll use the money friend had over $100 in her change jar. So if we get up to $50 I'll be happy. Although there are no quarters in it because we use those for laundry

  5. I love these things! I had one in the past, but they need to make them bigger! We have a huge 4ft tall coin bank that's almost too heavy to lift. I'm hoping to cash it in one day soon. If yours has $13 in it, ours has to have at least $100!