Saturday, July 2, 2011

20 a Day...

No, this is not about dollars. It's about activity. As a teacher, I get the summer off. This summer, I really have time off because there's no Summer School due to budget cuts. I'll go back in August for some extra pay, but I still have a LOT of spare time.

So, one of my goals is to make sure I am doing something active for 20 minutes everyday. A walk on the beach, a bike ride, the long as I am up and intentionally moving, it counts.

This is not a high goal, but it's a start for me. And since I don't have my normal excuses of being busy and exhausted from work, I really want to do it. I know I will have off days. In fact, I had three this week. And that's okay. But I want to do as many as possible.

So, each Sunday I will do a post about the prior week, giving you an update. Here's week 1!

Sunday 6/26: Gym (30 min cardio, 75 crunches). Rode bike to friend's house (20 minutes round trip)
Monday 6/27: Hydrobikes (Groupon deal, 1 hour...this kicked my butt! See picture below). Walked to dinner (30 minutes each way)
Tuesday 6/28: Biked to post office (15 minutes each way), walked to Rite-Aid (to get ice there's that; 10 minutes each way)
Wednesday 6/29: Off Day-gave blood and had headache.
Thursday 6/30: Off Day
Friday 7/1: Off Day
Saturday 7/2: Gym (30 min cardio, 20 crunches)

Anyone want to join me on my 20 minutes a day challenge?

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  1. You're on! I need to get fit and I could stand to lose the "poundage" (my word *grin*)