Saturday, June 4, 2011

Vacations in the Works!

Well, I decided to listen to everyone's advice and buy plane tickets. In fact, I listened so well, I decided to book two trips this month. :)

I talked to my sister and I am going to buy my ticket for Alaska as soon as she finds out information on when she can get time off and details about traveling to Seward together. She can get discounts on tours and hotels, so we're working on that. I hope to buy my plane ticket in the next few days!

I also bought tickets for BF and I to go to Chicago in August! I'm so excited to travel to a new city! We got round trip tickets for $235 each, which isn't too bad in my opinion. I'll also get to cross two states off of my list. (I want to visit all 50 in my lifetime.)

I'll let you all be excited for my trips before I tell you the part where you are going to shame me.

Okay, so it makes sense to buy tickets now, though I don't actually have all the money to do so right away. So, I'm dipping into my Emergency Fund until July 5th when I will be able to replenish it and pay off my car.

I know plane tickets are not an emergency. But....I'm doing it anyway. I'm trying to take out as little as possible, so I'll post an update to my savings when I get the second ticket. I figure it's better than using my credit card, which is how I used to pay for all my trips.

So, anyone have any advice on what to see and do in Chicago and/or Alaska??


  1. I'm not an enabler or anything, but I just had this conversation with my fiancee recently; we're young, and we don't have kids yet. I'm sorry to say it, but there will be things that will be harder to do once that time comes, so I see doing them now as a great thing. It's not like you're skipping a credit card payment to pay for the tickets and it's not as though you don't intend to replenish the funds.
    Do it and enjoy it! :)

    C.M.C @

  2. Chicago ... check Travelzoo for deals on hotels if you want to stay downtown (although, you will probably find a cheaper hotel near the airport ... and you can easily take the L into the city - I love staying downtown though). The city bus system is clean and efficient. Try lunch at for a reasonable meal with excellent views. And, of course, you have to try Chicago style deep dish pizza! :)

    I'm not much help on the nightlife since we have always gone with our kids.

  3. I think you are have made a great choice, although being debt free is a great way to live, you still need to enjoy your life. Buying a holiday with cash is awesome, I've never been to Chicago but hope you enjoy your time there.

  4. I love Chicago! My favorite things to do are watching fireworks at night on the Navy Pier (they shoot them off in the water), taking weird pictures in "the bean", and visiting the Lincoln Park Zoo. All of which are conveniently free!

    Chicago is a great, frugal city, so be sure to look into deals. I think there is a weeknight that offers free admission to the art museum and you can see many major Broadway shows for much cheaper than you can in New York.

    Have fun!

  5. More Chicago suggestions: check the free concerts at Millennium Park. Staying downtown is worth the money spent if you vow to not use cabs. The buses and El are pretty good and will get you pretty much anywhere you want to go. Sometimes you can get hotels in the Loop for a better price than off of the mile and if you'll be there for awhile, VRBO isn't a bad place to check either.