Thursday, June 9, 2011

Living Social: A Pyramid Scheme I Can Get Behind...

Today's living social deal was two Fandango movie tickets for $9, which is an AMAZING deal. BF and I each bought one last time this deal came up, and it was fun to go to the movies for so cheap! In fact, we haven't been to the movies since.

I bought one off of a link on Facebook. Then I posted it to my Facebook, since if you can get three people to buy it from your link, it's FREE for you. SCORE. Two friends bought it and then BF used my link. :) He just posted it to his account, and we're keeping our fingers crossed that three of his friends will buy it. If so, we'll get to go to the movies twice for FREE.

Normally schemes like this sort of annoy me, but I'm just excited that this is working out! I would have bought it anyway, since $9 is a great deal for two movie tickets, but this makes it even better. I'm honestly more interested in Living Social now that I realize how it works.

Do you do Living Social? Any great deals you've gotten for free?

1 comment:

  1. my sister e-mailed me the link (not mentioning if I used it that she would get free) but we didn't.

    We have 2 Regal movie tickets we haven't used yet... and we have 2 free tickets to an AMC theater that I won...

    So for us it would be $9 we don't need to spend today.