Thursday, June 30, 2011


Sometimes, I have a hankering to buy something new. My budget has a little more freedom for those things than it did a year ago, but I still like to get that "rush" while staying in budget. Here are two freebies to get your fix for something new:

$2 Amazon MP3 Credit: I used this to get two songs (Rolling in the Deep by Adele and Good Life by One Republic). My total came to $1.98 for two songs, so it was totally free and I got something new on my iPod shuffle. :) The link is from The Freebie Blogger, where I found this deal, it has directions and the link to Amazon on it.

Free Moisturizer from Sephora. This is a coupon for a free sample of Bare Minerals Moisturizer. It's only good at a Sephora inside JC Penney, so search for one near you to use this coupon. It's a little thing, but it satisfies my urge to go to the mall and get something new. Samples are also great for travel!

I know it's not as good as a shopping spree, but it's nice to have a little something new when you're on a hardcore budget. Or even if you're not...who doesn't like free things!?

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  1. Thank you for the freebies post! I love little gifts like this... and you're right - nothing beats the rush of staying in budget.