Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Trying to Cut Down on Moving Costs

Well, the great move is upon me. I really started looking this week, and have already applied for one apartment. I am still going to look at a few more today, though I seriously fell in LOVE with the first place I saw. It's going to be hard for another apartment to stack up. I'll post more about the apartment when I know which one I'm moving to. But, the roommate and I decided that we're going to be out of here by February 1st.

It's crazy to think about moving because not only have we lived in this apartment for two and a half years, but we've lived together for five and a half years. That's a long time when you're in your twenties. I'm really going to miss her, but I am looking forward to having the experience of living on my own. I know I'll get bored sometimes, but I'm a very social person and the bf is moving to Long Beach to be with me, so that will help for sure.

Anyway, since I've had a roommate for so long, there are certain items that I am going to have to procure for myself. I made a list. Here it is:
*toaster or toaster oven
*knife set
*large stock pot
*dining room set
*George Foreman Grill
*digital receiver/bunny ears? (I can't remember who bought these, so I may end up with them)

I have already posted one wanted ad on Freecycle, for the toaster. Though I tried to post three of them and found out you can only post one wanted ad per week...unfortunately the cheapest item was my first one. Oh well! I'm also planning on searching Craigslist for any free items and if that doesn't work hitting up some thrift stores to try to score some deals. I'm sure there are other things I'm going to need as the roommate and I split things up, but those are the ones I am sure of.

In years past I would have used my credit card to buy whatever I needed for the apartment and just pay for it later. But now I am willing to search and wait on some things until I can find a good deal or afford them with cash. Unfortunately, I am going to have to tap into my emergency fund to pay the deposit on my new place, but I should get my current deposit back, so that will replenish my E-fund.

Any other tips for saving money while moving? I'm not hiring movers, but I know it still gets expensive. I'd love some advice!

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  1. how exciting to do a new move. Use this time as you pack to go through belongings and declutter. supermarkets are a good place to get boxes. Find one close to you and see what day they get their stock in. You'll have your pic of boxes then.

    don't forget you will have the hook up costs when you move: phone, satellite/cable, internet.