Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I Found an Apartment...and Tapped into my E-fund

The good news...I found an apartment. YAY! It's super cute, in a neighborhood I like, pretty big, and has a washer and dryer inside the unit (oh happy day!) I'm really happy with my choice. I'll post pictures of the empty apartment soon.

The not so good news? I had to tap into my Emergency Fund to pay the deposit. They are only asking $500 for the security deposit, instead of a full month's rent, which is great actually. So, today I went to the bank and got a money order for that amount. I also transferred over what I needed to cover the auto maintenance I had done in December.

*Side note: I needed to come up with an extra $170 for the payment, but thanks to underspending and selling on Amazon, I only had to take $70 from my savings to pay for it. I think that's pretty good, actually.

Anyway, I'm most likely going to have to use more E-fund money in January because my fees for National Boards are due, plus the pro-rated rent for the new apartment (plus my rent at my current place, of course.) I don't like spending my Emergency Fund money, but I will say it definitely feels nice to have it. And once my tax returns come back, I'll refill my E-fund again.

I remember the last time I moved, I paid the deposit and first month's rent and then lived entirely on my credit cards that month. Like, completely. It was ugly and I am so so so glad I'm not in that position again! Also, since my last post I've had family offer me a dining room set and a vacuum that they're not using. Score! It pays to not be an anonymous blogger!

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  1. So, in-unit washer and dryer is basically my fantasy apartment. Put that with a dishwasher and I'd be in heaven. I know. I dream big :)

    I tapped my e-fund recently too, but it was for something totally silly: Christmas! I just really wanted to get nice gifts, and then I got really carried away and bought way more stuff for way more people than I intended to. I'll bring mine back to life with my Christmas money, but I still feel kind of guilty about it :/ At least you used yours for something you really needed...