Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Well, duh.

Yesterday I got my Real Simple magazine in the mail and was interested to see that the cover story was Save $5,000 This Year. I was excited to read the advice.

Except, I already do all of it.

In a way, this is great! It means I am already saving lots of money and being responsible. Unplug electronics when not in use? Don't leave things on the charger? Puh-lease, I haven't charged my cell at home in weeks (thanks car charger!) I haven't charged my laptop at home in two weeks.

Buy milk at the drugstore? Bf works at Walgreens, we get our eggs there too, with his discount! Lower my cable bill? Don't have it! Get rid of call waiting on your landline? I don't have one!

I think you get the idea. Don't get me wrong, I have areas I can work on. But, when it comes to little tips and tricks, I've got them pretty covered. Which is cool, but also sort of disappointing since I can't save more money by reading the article. Now it's just about being responsible and doing what I know I need to do.

Anyone have any really unusual tricks to save money? Anyone else in the same boat with these kinds of articles?


  1. You could kill your subscription that might save you money :P

  2. Way to go Real Simple. On the other hand, this just goes to show how much farther ahead you are, even if it doesn't feel like it.

  3. I feel like whenever I read articles like that, I do nearly everything on the list also. I need new ideas!

  4. The subscription was a birthday gift. So it was free! :)

  5. I am tired of reading articles to save money by not having a manicure, a pedicure or eating out less per week. I've always done my own mani, pedi and I eat out about twice a year! It's interesting on the simple savings forums now, there a lot more posts about buying expensive iroombas & thermomixes etc. Not very frugal at all

  6. This is how I feel about most of these articles.

    Also the weight loss articles that tell you if rather than getting the giant shake at Coldstone three times a week, you get the single scoop "like it" size of their sugar free ice cream you'll lose a ton of weight. I'm sorry: Coldstone THREE times a week? Gah.

  7. I have 2 ideas for you.
    1. research light bulbs. I've been learning about regular bulbs vs cfls and now there are led's. You have to put in new dimmers and the bulbs are expensive but they last 20 years!

    2. I am in the process of making coverings to insulate my windows. The windows are double paned but I still feel the heat and cold on them. I'm in so cal too. I'm using an easy system using magnets so I can pop them up without hassle. I have wood blinds. These will go behind the wood blinds. I'm using the fabric that goes inside oven mitts. It's white with a reflective material inside so it won't be noticeable from the outside.

    Very easy and inexpensive to make!

    All the best, Jana

  8. I already do all the little things, I think all that is left for me really is "make more money"

  9. This is like whenever I get excited about an article about paying off your student loans and it's like, "make more than the minimum payment".

    Uh? Thanks, tips.

    I've resigned myself to the reality that I probably have basic saving, debt repaying, and budgeting strategies figured out, and these articles are for the me of 4 years ago =p haha

  10. LOL! A while back, Yahoo had an article about how one family saved thousands of dollars. The family cut out the arborist, stopped serving steak at cookouts, skipped their annual paint job on the house, and a bunch of other crapola that had absolutely no relevancy to and decent budgeter.

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