Sunday, March 11, 2012

Resisting Temptation

Over Christmas I bought a new set of sheets from Marshall's, opting for a super cheap set. Turns out, they were not only inexpensive cheap, but also cheap cheap. Boo. I should know better, but I learned the hard way. Every night the bottom sheet came off and required wrangling back on. This morning BF finally said, "so are we getting new sheets or what?"

I thought about buying a new set from, figuring I could read reviews and make sure they were good. I started looking, and then decided I wanted a new duvet cover. The one we were using actually tore on one side, so it seemed like a good time to get new bedding. I overused the site for about an hour before I made myself get up and dig through the cupboard where I put a bunch of the stuff BF had before he moved in last year. I found a set of white sheets in good condition that I put on the bed. Then I got out my old Ikea duvet cover and put it on the bed, with it's matching shams.

And you know what? It looks really good. I opened the shades and cleaned off my nightstand, and I'm quite pleased with the effect. And since I almost spent fifty bucks on bedding, I decided to move that amount to my savings, a new idea I picked up from someone's blog, I can't recall whose.

So, three lessons here:
1. Sometimes cheating out doesn't save you money.
2. Making do with what you have can feel just as good as buying something new.
3. If you were willing to find a way to afford to buy something, you can also find a way to save that amount. So do it.


  1. That is a great story and a awesome reminder to use what you already have before purchasing anything new. Although I will be purchasing some new sheets for our second wedding anniversay, as the symbol is cotton. I am looking around at sales to get high quality sheets that will last for many more years to come.

    P.S I love the boots from your last post.

  2. Great idea!! Feels new to you and money saved. It is far too easy to clickity click shop online these days.

  3. Love that idea! I need to learn to use what I already have too!

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