Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Irony of a Raise and a Pink Slip

As you all know, I am still getting a pink slip from LAUSD. I have some back up plans in the works...if they come through, I'll post about those, but I am hoping not to jinx anything yet. Anyway, I know I mentioned working on classes to get a raise earlier in the year. I finished the last class I needed for my raise at the end of March.

Last week I got the paperwork saying all the classes had been processed and my raise had been approved.

These raises are part of the contract, so even though the district is laying me off, I will get a raise for my last few months of employment with them. The raise will kick in on my June check, and they'll also give me back pay for the month of April (May's check) that didn't reflect the raise.

I'm expecting it to be approximately two hundred dollars more per month. Which will all go to my car, so I can hopefully get it paid off with my last check, in July.

It's definitely less exciting to see a raise when I know it will only be on there for a few short months. But, all schools have pay differentials for units, so hopefully this will serve me well at my next job.


  1. You've paid 96% on your car loan. You will have it paid in no time. It is ironic that you are getting a raise and a pink slip. Something will turn up for you.

  2. oh--and is it possible that you will get re-hired? I'm asking bc a friend of mine is a teacher and she got a pink slip but then was rehired over the summer for the following year.

  3. that's so awesome! I really should add sidebars to our blog on all our debt. that would really put things in perspective! plus it looks so cool when you pay them off!

  4. Excellent article, I loved the information.

  5. I'm so sad/stressed/angry for you every time I read about the possibility that you're going to get laid off. I mean, I know everything will work out, but as a fellow teacher I know how invested I am in my school and I would be semi-heartbroken (and super stressed) to have to leave. Boo.

    But you're right that it's good to have the classes done and the raise processed - it will translate to a higher salary at your next job. Rumor has it we're FINALLY getting a decent raise for next year, but I won't believe it until I see it. Blah. Why can't teachers be paid what we're worth, no questions asked!!!!!

  6. Congrats on getting your raise approved! The extra bucks definitely help, especially if you get to pay your car and reaching some of your other finance goals. I am shopping for a home and got advice to compare fixed rate mortgages so I hope I get the house of my dreams soon. Hope you have a nice week :)
    All the best,