Monday, May 2, 2011

April Goals Recap

I just remembered that I did April goals and I'm actually doing a post with my progress. And I didn't do terribly!

1. Go to DMV and get my address changed. I also need to ask if they already sent the bill for my registration to my old address. It doesn't expire 'til August, but I don't want to have any problems there.

CHECK! I did this during Spring Break and took care of both my address change ticket and my car registration in one delightful trip to the DMV.
2. Start recycling for cash again. I stopped largely because I didn't have anywhere to store cans and bottles and it annoyed me to have them in my car. But, I want to start up again now that I have a back porch where I can put them.
CHECK-ish! I have started saving the recycling again, but haven't taken it because I want to get a good collection before I go. But I have one full bag on my balcony right now.

3. Go through bookshelves, DVD's and CD's again to see if I have anything worth selling.
CHECK! Just sold two more books last night.

4. Finish and ship National Boards portfolio!! This is not optional, it HAS to happen!
CHECK. It feels good to be done with that...hopefully I pass and hopefully I still have a job when I get the results. :/
5. Plan and start finance lessons in my yearbook class after our deadline at the end of the month.
FAIL. My yearbook deadline was Friday though, and it was stressful enough getting the book done. I'm going to work on those lesson plans this week.

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  1. I'm impressed with all you've gotten done. Good for you. I'm trying to sell books on Amazon but don't see how I'm going to be making any money; I'm a little confused! By the way, I do most of my DMV tasks online and save gas. Maybe you can't do the address thing online. Congrats on the National Board work!