Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I Heart Fresh & Easy

Today after work I stopped by Fresh & Easy because I needed black beans and sun dried tomatoes, both of which are cheapest there. I also perused the clearance section and scored some pretty awesome deals.

First, I got BF a sandwich for $2 and myself a veggie-hummus wrap for $1.75. I took those to his work and we sat in the car and ate them for dinner during his break. That's how I keep the romance alive...clearance sandwiches.
Cue the romantic music...

I also picked up hummus for $1, a coconut lime fish and pasta dish for $2.99 (lunch tomorrow), and a package of eight rosemary rolls for $1.

Not on clearance, I bought two cans of black beans (79 cents each), sun-dried tomatoes ($2.29), and some sugar snap peas ($2.99) to dip in the hummus.

Total damage: $15.60

The rest of the goods
Not bad for a few meals, some snacks, and some necessities.


  1. Not too mention pretty darn healthy as well! Nice job!

  2. I am envious! I need to go there after work and see what kind of deals I can find.

  3. I love fresh and Easy. We do all our grocery shopping there because of the coupons at the end of the register for your next purchase.

    Each week we get either $5 off $25, $6 off $30, or $10 off $50... It really saves our grocery budget!