Friday, November 27, 2009


This morning I checked my email to see's Black Friday ad. My first mistake was clicking on the DVD link. There are some awesome deals! I mean, really, if I were in the market for those DVDs or needed them as gifts, this would be an entirely different post. But, there is a ban on shopping until the credit cards are paid off, and I've already planned what to get my family for Christmas. So, the following mental argument was taking place....

Bad, Irresponsible, Self: "Wow! The Office Season 4 is only $12.99! That's a great deal. I should get it."
Logical, Wise, Self: "No. You don't need to spend the money. Plus, there would still be shipping to pay."
BIS: "Not if I spend $25, then shipping is free!"
LWS: "See? You are just going to spend even more. You don't have the Mechanical Turk money or the Swagbucks for it yet. Don't buy it."
BIS : "But I'm saving money if I buy it today."
LWS: "No, you are still spending $12.99. Stop it."

Luckily, Logical Self won. But I pretty much repeated the same argument for a bunch of other movies and TV shows until I really wised up and closed the window on my browser. I think that's  a trap I really used to fall into, "I'm saving money by buying this!" No, you are still spending money. The only way you are saving is if it was something you needed and it's on sale.

I miss shopping, by the way. If you can't tell. :/

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  1. im with you on this one dude. I heard it best put as, 'you aren't saving money if you don't need it.' btw, the black friday sale was almost as good as their cyber monday sale... im an amazon whore.