Friday, August 2, 2013

I'm with more debt!

I feel compelled to blog again now that there are a few new things in my life. Will it last? Time will tell, but here's what's new:

*I'm married! 
*We had a wonderful, super fun, backyard wedding and stayed within our budget.
*We went on a great honeymoon in Boston and on a trip to Oregon for a friend's wedding.
*Now that we're married, his debt is our debt. :/

Which means that as we have talked budget and debt payoff, super frugal Jess is being awakened from her sleep. Spendy Jess has been having a lot of fun this last year. Nothing too crazy, still managed to save a lot and pay for the wedding, but I've definitely relaxed more with my spending. I actually stopped doing budgets and used a credit card to earn miles (while paying it off every month).

Much like TeacHer Finance, I am much more motivated when it comes to paying off debt than I am when it comes to saving. Don't get me wrong: I built up a healthy savings over the last year or so (a chunk of which is going to pay off debt this month), but I wasn't as into budgeting, saving, and (obviously) blogging about money.

Now that we have debt to conquer's on! I wrote out a budget for August (our last month of separate finances), and another one for joint finances in September. We are each keeping a checking account for our own "fun money" and a few other bills we are keeping separate. And I'm already getting back to my frugal ways. In just the last week I have:

*had my husband cancel Hulu Plus and take the discs off our Netflix, just keeping streaming
*made dinner with ingredients I found in the pantry and freezer instead of going to the store
*made a friend a birthday card and am giving her a bottle of champagne left over from the wedding as a gift
*signed up for a PD class so I can get a raise sometime this year (this falls under spending money to make money)

So, my point is that I am once again interested in blogging. Anyone still have me on their feed and interested in reading? I will work on recapping our wedding and honeymoon, and once again regale you with tales of my frugal ways. 

I'm back, bitches!
Hugs and kisses,


  1. Welcome back! Congrats on getting married! I look forward to your new journey.

  2. Congrats Jess! Welcome back! And welcome back on the path! LOL!

  3. Thanks! Glad I still have a few readers! Any new pf blogs you wamt to share? My blogroll is dying out!

  4. Congrats on the wedding and the beginning of new adventures together

  5. Congrats on your wedding, LBC Teacher. It's good to hear that you now have someone to share the rest of your life with. And now that you're already a mistress of the house, you should learn how to put you priorities, especially with your finances. Regardless of how fat your savings is, if you don't know how to maximize it, everything would be worthless.