Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Am I the Only One?

Am I the only one who likes Valentine's Day?

First, I am just a holiday person. I like decorations and cards and all sorts of seasonal stuff. As a teacher, even when I'm single I was able to have fun with the holiday in my classroom.

And I was single on Valentine's Day for a LOT of years. In fact, this is only the second year EVER that I've had a boyfriend. And that, of course, makes it even more fun. I like picking out a card for him, wrapping presents in heart patterned tissue paper. And of course, I like getting a card from him, and this year the box of chocolates (heart shaped, even) he left for me this morning. He closes tonight, so we're not doing anything, but we're exchanging gifts and he's making dinner on Thursday.

We were talking about Valentine's Day and he was going on a little rant about how it's silly to buy gifts six weeks after Christmas, and he shows me he loves me all the time, and blah blah blah. I reminded him that in my 29 years, this is only my SECOND Valentine's Day. I'm not ready to be over it. I told him that in the years to come, I'll probably be cool with just a card, but for now, I still want to enjoy having a real Valentine's Day.

So I'm not going to be cool and cynical and say how Valentine's Day is lame. I'm going to say that it's sweet and fun. And having a boyfriend helps that, but I also sent cards to my mom, sister, and grandma. And really, I hope I'm never cynical about it. I like holidays and chances to focus on showing love to people. And eating candy.


  1. I agree - I love Valentine's Day! I'm sad that a lot of people are cynical about it because to me, how can you hate a day that's all about love? I understand consumerism and stuff but I don't think Valentine's Day has to be all about flowers and chocolates and gifts (unless of course, you want that). I think it's about love and showing people you care about them. How can you hate that?

  2. I also sent a card to my grandma. Had planned to send one to my Mom, but didn't get it out in time. It IS a good time to tell those around us that we care about them - doesn't need to be a romantic relationship.

    That said, I also understand the cynicism. I had a few very sad years where (1) we had just broken up or (2) I was seeing someone who pretty much ignored the occasion- didn't make any mention of it at all ( I kept thinking he would show up- or leave flower - or???). Really was a sign I should have broken it off sooner, but of course its easier to see in hindsight.

    I guess what I'm saying is that those feelings of sadness still linger just a little bit whenever I see the valentines stuff out, so I'm not yet ready to love the occasion!!

  3. I couldn't believe the price on some cards. I saw one for $6.50! Too bad they don't make grown-up v-day cards (the little cute ones) like they do for kids. Next year I'll just make a hand-crafted one like I did years ago.

  4. Hope the dinner your boyfriend cooked for you on Thursday was yummy. My husband spoilt me this year with a bunch of pink and purple roses and a cooked dinner with homemade banoffee pie. I made him a card. We haven't participated in Valentine's day the previous few years, so I really appreciated the dinner and flowers this year.