Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Why I Won't Be Renewing My Gym Membership

I prepaid a gym membership a while back, and still have some months left. However, it expires this year. I already know I won't be renewing it. Why?

1. I (almost) never use it.
2. I have taken up running, which I can do for free, outside (God bless Southern California weather). I use my boyfriend's GPS watch, so I can track my pace and mileage, which is awesome. Also, I'd rather put my money toward various 5k races than a gym membership.
3. I'm addicted to the Active 2 game for PS3. I cannot recommend this game enough! I wrote a review of it on Amazon, so if you want to read more, click here. This is how I plan to tone up this year, and based on how sore I am, I'd say it's working.
4. We also have Everybody Dance for the PS3, which got me sweating and moving on New Year's Eve. This could definitely count as a cardio workout.
5. If I want more workout variety, I can purchase Zumba for PS3, more dance games, or rent workout DVD's on Netflix.

Will I miss going to an occasional Spin class? Yes, but honestly, I can get a good workout in my neighborhood and at home for cheap/free. So, I am still hoping to hit up one class per month (see my goals for 2012) for the rest of my current membership, but when it expires, I'll say goodbye to the gym. And I honestly don't think my fitness will suffer.


  1. David is going to try to cancel my gym membership today after the school wouldn't let me in yesterday (grrrr!). But I have the office gym to sustain my workouts (for free). Unfortunately, it gets way too cold in Knoxville to run outside!

  2. I'm with you. we bought a 24 hour fiotness membership for 2 years at costco. it's only $12.50 a month at that price, but we hardly ever use it. I started running outside, and going to barre. and i only do spin classes at the gym too!

    I do like having it though just in case I do want to go...but still...I may just not renew and see

  3. We have a gym at work complete with boot camp trainers and I have the EA workout for my Wii, so no gym membership for me. Free is great!

  4. I lost 50lbs working out at home... didn't cost me a penny! ;) I think gyms are over-rated. ;)

  5. I cancelled ny gym membership about 15 minutes ago, my husband cancelled his in November and been running, skippind and doing press-ups on his own. I'm going to do the same and am eyeing up my first 5km run to help motivate me. I have already noticed the financial difference by not paying my husbands membership so my cancellation will make a huge difference.